Sutivan on the island: a holiday oasis and a hidden beauty

Sutivan is located about 6 kilometers west of Supetar, just opposite the city of Split. Sutivan offers you numerous restaurants and cafés to feel the serenity of the island and also to watch the hustle and bustle.

On the harbor promenade, with view on yachts and fishing boats, a few cafes, bars and konobas are already lined up.

You will find only one hotel in Sutivan 'Lemongarden' which is situated directly at the habor promenade. The restaurants offers high quality dishes. Further we honestly could recommend "Morestina" a Cafe/Bar offering drinks, good coffee, breakfast and snacks. The bar is particularly popular for its fantastic selection of Croatian wines, which can often be enjoyed with live music in the evenings. In addition, Morestina regularly invites you to the pier with a coffee and ice cream bike for a relaxed get-together with delicious food.

In Sutivan you will find the stone houses typical of Dalmatia in winding old town streets. Find the old stone villa La BellaSu with the two units "house" and "studio" as one of them. LaBellaSu is hidden just a few meters from the well-known narrow old town street "Tisna Kala".

The village is also known for the Croatian baroque poet Jerolim Kavanjin, who wrote some of his most important works in Sutivan. You can visit his summer house with adjoining park near the port.